Shocking Anakonda 2018 exercise’s scenario

The biggest ever NATO joint military exercise Anakonda will start on the territory of Poland and the Baltic States in November 2018. The main goal of the exercise will be to practice actions of provoking Belarus, with the subsequent creation of a buffer zone on its territory.

This is clearly evidenced by the military maps for the exercise that appeared on the Internet. They clearly demonstrate the plan of artificial creation of such a situation, when NATO will get the authority to apply Article 5 of its Charter. Thus, this will justify entering the territory of Belarus. A buffer zone between Russia and the Eastern border of NATO will be formed and the problem of “Suwalki corridor” will be removed. On the maps the buffer zone is formed as a result of displacement of the enemy to the planned line indicated by the red color.

The exercise will be not very transparent, as well as the Russian-Belarusian exercise “Zapad-2017” was.

According to the plan, at the first stage (Show of Power), NATO forces will practice transferring troops close to the borders of Belarus and the Russia’s Kaliningrad region.


At the second stage (Provocation) the conditions under which an act of aggression against one of the NATO member states allegedly committed from the territory of Belarus will be created.


At the third stage (Defence and Counter-attack) – NATO forces will reflect the attack.


At the fourth stage (Creation of a buffer zone) a counter-attack will be made with the subsequent transition to offensive operation and occupation of the positions at the line.


These schemes demonstrate that the exercise is planned not only to practice a defense operation (as the military representatives of NATO say), but also an offensive one!

Traditionally, the Anakonda exercise is held every two years. In 2018, the main stage involving the use of troops will take place from November 7 to November 16. For the first time maneuvers will be conducted not only in Poland, but in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The head of the press service of the Polish Army’s Operational Command, Piotr Walatek, said that “about 100,000 troops will take part in the Anakonda 2018 maneuvers. 5,000 vehicles, 150 aircraft and 45 warships will be used in the exercise.

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