Exercise BEOWULF concludes in Lithuania

Lithuania– enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) Battlegroup Lithuania wrapped up Field Training Exercise BEOWULF in the Lithuanian training area in Pabrade on Monday, October 15, 2018.
Exercise BEOWULF prepared soldiers for scenarios presented during the upcoming brigade level exercise IRON WOLF that will start in early November and includes the Lithuanian IRON WOLF Brigade. BEOWULF included simulated combat training where the units trained both attacking and defending, and river crossing operations using a German bridge-laying tank. Soldiers were also trained in live fire exercises.
“The possibility of training in this environment was extremely beneficial and we gained invaluable experience in combat in urban areas. Both the ability to conduct live firing in a building, and to carry out combat activities in an urban environment was very useful,” said a Czech instructor.
“The BEOWULF exercise has been beneficial to the entire Battlegroup and has increased our readiness for the IRON WOLF Brigade level exercise in November,” said Lieutenant Colonel René Braun, Commander of the battlegroup.
Over 600 soldiers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic and Luxembourg took part in the exercise.

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